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5 Final City Energy Extreme Nuove City Limited Wrong Brothers Limited Edition Series III N

My Life in Art

Pop G

View Limited Edition NFT With Giclees

Limited Edition NFT Portfolio. These Giclée's And Metal Dye Sublimation's are limited to the edition size and either come with the NFT or it is available at a fraction of the regular print prices when you buy the NFT.  Every piece is hand signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity. One of my defining principles is establishing an open dialogue between Color, Light and Energy in all aspects of my artwork. See My work on,, and Look through my work to absorb the color and energy, and get in touch for more information.


All Giclees use the finest 12 color inks which allow for the most vibrant and accurate color renditions possible. They are archival and contain state of the art micro pigments specialy designed for fine art prints and photographs. The paper is also fine art acid free archival papers assuring them many lifetimes of enjoyment.  The Dye Sublimation on Metal fuse at the molecular level and are extremely archival quality. These are special resistent finishes and will take a variety of abuse without failure. NFT Creator - NFT - Artist - acrylic painting - oil painting - Metal and Giclée Prints

Limited Editions: Welcome
Limited Editions: Portfolio
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