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4 Final City Energy Extreme Nuove City Limited Private Plane USA Limited Edition Series II

Pop G

Gary B. Lampert Ph.D.





161 SE 12TH Court

Pompano Beach FL 33060

Date of Birth: A Long Time Ago

A Bit About Pop G

Pop G started drawing at a very young age and painted in oils when he was seven. He was always been driven to create artwork. His work won awards in grammar school. He went to several schools for college for engineering but kept changing his interest. He studied Art at Chicago Academy of Fine Arts affiliated with Roosevelt University. He went into Broadcasting and owned a large production company in Chicago. There he integrated his art into creating programs, animation and Graphics. He also designed and published print materials for major clients. Most of his clients were Broadcasting Companies and Fortune 500 Companies.


He always continued to do Art shows, He was a true pioneer and innovator for his time, He was involved in new television techniques and creation of large format digital imaging now known as Giclée, rips for printing and DNR Digital Noise Reduction. His work was always evolving constantly changing medias and disciplines. He evolved through his life to appreciate being an observer and found creating bright, colorful, positive images helped him and those who observe them to be positive. His belief is, external stimulation, from light, sound and the other senses can improve your life. This improvement includes your health, peace of mind and reaches your soul.

He has done many juried commercial and residential art shows. He has sold over 1000 large giclée's to Marriot Extended Stay Hotels in addition to commercial and private collectors. He participated in many Art Expo and Art Buyers Caravan Shows and was featured in Magazines. He sold his work wholesale and retail at these shows and was represented by major galleries. In addition to Abstracts, Impressionism and other styles he has always done Surrealism. He would back and forth to surrealism incorporating drop shadows and other rules of fine art to create depth perception. All this has evolved into his current Whimsical work he is doing today.


He was born right after WWII, but it is hard to believe with his energy level and young thoughts. He says "I am planning to be around for at least 20 more years and plan to work until I fall over." He has a Ph.D. in philosophy and religion which definitely affects his thoughts of Life. He is a experienced artist with an everlasting drive to experience new art and technology.

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